Dean's voice

Greetings from Dean

Dean of College of Science and Engineering


 Through advanced research on basic science and engineering, our college is aiming to bring up highly ethical and unique human resources with the highly specialized knowledge and skill on the field of science and engineering. The graduates are expected to have ability to pursue one’s own project and an international sense, to aim at scientific and technological evolutions based on natural environments and to play a role in the world for human happiness.

 Our college had been established by combining the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering in 2008, early stage of national university reform, based on needs of the new science and engineering education. The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering have long histories above 100 years. They are originating from the 4th National High School established in 1887 and are originating from Kanazawa Advanced Institute of Technology in 1920, respectively. Based on the history and tradition, our college organizes the fused curriculum of science and engineering to study natural behaviors and to develop useful technique. We also build the education system allowing systematic study based on individual student’s choice.

 The modern society demands realization of a future society aiming at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Society 5.0 which combines cyberspace (virtual space) and physical space (real space). Our college works on human resources development by the following education reform and further reform.

1. In 2018, the former six Schools was reorganized in the present seven Schools, School of Mathematics & Physics, Schools of Chemistry, Schools of Mechanical Engineering, Schools of Frontier Engineering, Schools of Electrical, Information & Communication Engineering, Schools of Geosciences & Civil Engineering, and Schools of Biological Science & Technology.

2. In this 2018 reorganization, a joint entrance examination of three Schools, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Frontier Engineering, and School of Electrical, Information & Communication Engineering, has been introduced and a joint entrance examination for all seven Schools has been introduced as well.

3. A course system & a program system, a transit choice system, a vice-specialty system, a changing school system, and a changing course system are available, depending on the student and society needs.

4. By using the vice-specialty system, students can study many subjects in another field depending on own interests, in addition to the main specialty. Furthermore, we are planning to supply the Mathematical & Data Science Education Program.

5. The number of classes presented in English is increasing year by year for personnel training with global mind which Kanazawa University Global Standard KUGS aims at.

6. In 2021, two Schools, Schools of Mathematics & Physics and School of Chemistry, will supply program systems instead of the present course systems, for enhancing a wide perspective view of students.

 On the research area, very recently, three excellent research laboratories, Nano Life Science Institute, NanoMaterials Research Institute and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute, have been founded as university institutes by support of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Outstanding research results are published in many excellent international journals and are supplied to the student education, especially in graduate school, as well.

 Daily education and research activities are performed by mixture of online and face-to-face classes and seminars, considering a balance of student’s safety and education effect under the serious environment caused by COVID-19.

 The liberal arts education and professional education of this school are performed in huge Kakuma Campus full of nature. The professional education is mainly performed in the lecture hall of the Natural Science Main Hall. The Main Hall with huge Academic Hall of five floors height and Academic Promenade of three floors height will welcome you. Spacious lecture space, Bring-Your-Own-PCs system and ubiquitous Wi-Fi network support your learning in Kakuma Campus even under the COVID-19.

 College of Science and Engineering works on career development with responsibility, depending on your target, a researcher, an engineer, or a schoolteacher, etc. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kakuma Campus.