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Postdoctoral Fellows of the Imaging Research Division


Kanazawa University is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages international and female applications.    

The Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center was founded October 1, 2010, at College of Science & Engineering of Kanazawa University to promote biological research by the use of Kanazawa University-born revolutionary new atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques and technological development of the next-generation of bio-AFM. This foundation is one of the main strategies that Kanazawa University has mapped out to further strengthen the research activity in the University.


The Center is seeking to hire self-motivated postdoctoral fellows to conduct research in the Imaging Research Division. This position can be renewed on the fiscal year basis. However, we would like postdoctoral fellows to continue to study for at least three years. The Division focuses on the elucidation of structure and dynamics of biological molecules (mainly proteins) that are isolated or on the surfaces of cell membranes or native intracellualr organelles using high-speed AFM, collaborating with the other Divisions. The information of our previous and ongoing studies on bio-AFM imaging can be found at this Center's web site and at the lab website of the Division Head (Ando):



Candidates should have an earned doctorate or should be expected to earn doctorate before arriving to take up the position, and should have research experience in one of the following areas; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biophysics. Candidates should also have skills of expressing and preparing protein samples. Experience of AFM studies is not required of candidates. However, candidates should have strong interests in bio-AFM imaging and are expected to actively conduct bio-AFM imaging research while exploring interesting targets to image by high-speed AFM. Of course, exploiting other techniques together with AFM techniques is encouraged. 


The Imaging Research Division comprises four research staffs; Prof. Toshio Ando (Director of the Center and Head of this Division), two associate professors (Drs. Hiroki Konno and Noriyuki Kodera), an assistant professor (Dr. Takahiro Nakayama).  


Applications (in free format) including

1) curriculum vitae,

2) list of publications and presentations,

3) electronic copies of your major publications,

4) general outline of previous research achievements, experiences, and earned skills (1 page)

5) statement on research interests (1 page),

6) Names and contact information of two references

should be sent to the following e-mail address;


Prof. Takayuki Uchihashi, Director of the Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center

E-mail: uchihast@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp