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7th Bio-AFM Summer School,  August 27-September 1, 2018


Call for Participants

Venue: Kakuma Campus, Kanazawa University (Access to the Campus) (Access to Kanazawa City)

Application deadline: June 29, 2018

The number of trainees to be accepted: 12 for High-speed AFM, 7 for Super-resolution FM-AFM, 6 for SICM

Previous experience of using AFM or SICM is not required for participation

No charge for participation (completely free)

*For participants from foreign countries, expenses for travel and accommodations will be reimbursed up to 200,000 JPY.

For more details, see the Website 


In this Bio-AFM Frontieer Research Center, we have been working on the development of advanced high-speed AFM, super-resolution AFM, and SICM and their biological application studies. To accelerate the dissemination of the use of these new microscopy techniques, we have been holding this hands-on style of summer school every year since 2012. During the summer school, students and young researchers can experience one of these microscopy techniques through observing their own biological samples. So, all participants should prepare their own samples beforehand and bring the samples with them. You can learn from well-experienced trainers how to operate the instruments and how to adapt samples to their observation. We are very much looking forward to your participation in this summer school..

      When the number of applicants exceeds the fixed numbers (12 for high-speed AFM, 7 for super-resolution in-liquid FM-AFM and 6 for SICM), we select participants through screening on the basis of application proposals. Its result will be informed early July.


1st Bio-AFM Summer School Aug.510, 2012



The first Bio-AFM Summer School finished with excitement. Thank you all participants (12 trainers and 14 trainees) for their dedication and  enthusiasm. We had only 2-3 days for observing samples brought by the trainees. Nevertheless, various achievements were made, including new discoveries, and all the trainees could operate the instruments by themselves. Of course, more experiments need to be done to polish up the obtained results. Probably, many of you would like to do more observations of your samples. The Center will prepare a new program so that you can continue to perform experiments.


2nd Bio-AFM Summer School Aug.1925, 2013

3rd Bio-AFM Summer School  Aug. 1824, 2014

4th Bio-AFM Summer School  Aug. 17, 2015

5th Bio-AFM Summer School August 1-6, 2016

6th Bio-AFM Summer School,  August 21-26, 2017